Drew And Mike – May 5, 2016

Another episode with Drew & Mike!  Covering  many topics to include the upcoming Kentucky Derby, Jim Nabors singing at Indianapolis 500 and bad traditions, Clark’s war with a 3D printed vase, the latest details regarding Prince’s death, Justin Verlander (“AWA”) and Kate Upton (biggun?) are engaged, Trump vs. Hillary polls and of course the Trump and Megyn Kelly battles, Charlie LeDuff golfing at the border, Leah Remini’s tell-all book about what really goes on behind Scientology doors, and promposals.

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*** Tech Update ***

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Web page slowness – Many adjustments have been made to the server to better handle the immense traffic caused by such awesome listeners!  Following the morning rush tomorrow to download the latest episode (unless you’re now getting it from iTunes since it is available), we will see if more adjustments are needed.  Thanks again for your patience.